AntibacMax L1003 silver ion antimicrobial finishing solution

AntibacMax®L1003 antimicrobial finishing solution is a stable antibacterial solution product in which silver ions are evenly dispersed in a specific polymer through special nano-dispersion technology.
The L1003 antibacterial finishes on textile materials will slowly release silver ions after drying and contact with bacteria, fungi, and other microbes, which can directly destroy bacteria cell membrane and combine with oxygen metabolism enzyme (SH), prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from absorbing essential nutrients for growth such as amino acid, uracil, thereby inhibit or destroy most bacteria, fungi, and other microbes, and at the same time also have better inhibition on all kinds of virus capsid protein.

L1003 antimicrobial finishing solution continuously provides antibacterial silver ions to the fabric by controlling the number of silver ions released in the polymer, which makes the antibacterial effect longer.

Additional information

Product Model

AntibacMax L1003


light yellow liquid

Antimicrobial Active Ingredients

Silver ion

Typical Application

fiber, textiles, yarn

Product Details

Product feature of AntibacMax L1003 silver ion antimicrobial finishing solution

■ Safe, healthy and without irritation
No drug resistance;No odor
■ High energy efficiency, fast antibacterial properties
Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, pneumococcus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and so on have a better bactericidal effect
■ Long-lasting antibacterial properties
Silver ion controlled release technology provides durable antibacterial active ingredients
■ Good heat resistance
Good thermal stability, processing not easy to change color
■ New solution formulation
The solution system is stable and uniform;Good sense of cleanliness;Compatible with a variety of fiber materials and additives;


Product parameter of AntibacMax L1003 silver ion antimicrobial finishing solution

Product name and model



active ingredients

silver ions

solution composition

organic polymer


light yellow transparent solution

Content of antibacterial active ingredients


PH value


application example

Textile fiber, yarn, non-woven fabric

Product application of AntibacMax L1003 silver ion antimicrobial finishing solution

Suitable for polyester textiles, such as nylon (PA), polyester (PET), etc., and polyester blended textiles.

It can be mixed with a variety of textile finishing agents and non-woven additives. Clothing (underwear, socks, shirts, blouses, medical clothing, uniforms, work clothes, etc.), Bedding (sheets,bedding, etc.), Masks, Gloves, Swimsuits, Hats, Handkerchiefs, Towels, Rags, Curtains, Carpets, etc.

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