Application areas of antimicrobial agents

Antimicrobial Plastics

antimicobial plastics

Application background of antimicrobial plastics

Plastic products bring convenience but also “secondary pollution” to our lives. Not only is the microbial pollution on plastic products affecting people’s health, but “white plastic” has caused irreversible pollution to the environment we live in. The emergence of antimicrobial plastics is very important! Antimicrobial plastics can inhibit and block harmful bacteria from harming us, and can also improve the reuse rate of plastics, allowing the environment to develop in a healthy and green way.

Technical Properties of antimicrobial plastics

Application prospect of antimicrobial plastics

In the future, antimicrobial plastics will escort people’s green life. The scale of the antimicrobial market will inevitably continue to expand, and the antimicrobial market in China will inevitably be further opened. From toothbrushes, preservative films to toilets, antimicrobial appliances, silver ion antimicrobial agents will be widely used.

Antimicrobial powder for plastics

Antimicrobial masterbatch for plastics