Application areas of antimicrobial agents

Antimicrobial Ceramics

Application background of antimicrobial ceramics

Compared with traditional bathroom ceramic products, antimicrobial bathroom ceramic products can continue to inhibit or kill microorganisms such as bacteria during use. As functional ceramic products, they can effectively avoid the damage of various infectious diseases to humans, especially public health. Hygiene prevention in place is a way to transform traditional ceramics to green ceramics.

The inorganic antimicrobial agent has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and excellent thermal stability.

Application cases of antimicrobial ceramics

Antimicrobial ceramic series

Nano-silver antimicrobial powder is added to the ceramic surface glaze and fired together with the ceramic. The prepared nano-silver antimicrobial ceramic has broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect, and the effect is lasting, and it is resistant to burning without discoloration. It Makes ceramics brighter and more beneficial to human health.

Antimicrobial bathroom series