AntibacMax antimicrobial yarn

AntibacMax antimicrobial yarn is made by adding or directly using the antimicrobial staple fiber independently developed by our company during spinning. The fabric or product made from this antimicrobial yarn has a safe and long-lasting antimicrobial effect, as well as a good deodorization function.


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Product introduction of AntibacMax antimicrobial yarn

We live with microbes every day, and there are plenty of them in our sweat glands and pores. Normally, some resident bacteria protect the skin, but when the bacteria population is out of balance, the harmful bacteria in it can multiply and not only harm human health, but may also produce an odor.

The clothes we wear are porous textiles. Sweat, sebum, skin and epidermal crumbs produced by the metabolism of the human body are easily adsorbed on them. These metabolites become the nutrient base of microorganisms, while textiles become the living place of bacteria. Therefore, the research and development of antibacterial textiles have become one of the trends of the healthy development of society.

Product feature of AntibacMax antimicrobial yarn

■ Safe, healthy and without irritation
■ Durable antimicrobial property, grade 3A washing resistance
■ No drug resistance
■ Excellent moisture absorption and sweat removal function, good air permeability
■ High energy efficiency of antibacterial properties and anti-mildew and odor efficacy
It has the antibacterial property of high energy efficiency and anti-mildew and deodorization effect, and has good bactericidal effect on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Pneumococcus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and so on, and also has good deodorization effect.

Product parameter of AntibacMax antimicrobial yarn

Items specification
appearance White fiber
count 21S 30S 40S 60S
Composition of the yarn Polyester, polyamide, polyester and polyester blended, cotton-polyester blended, can be customized
antibacterial active ingredients Silver ion, Zinc ion, etc.
antibacterial rate ≥99%

Product application of AntibacMax antimicrobial yarn

AntibacMax antimicrobial yarn can be used for antimicrobial fabrics, antimicrobial clothing (underwear, socks, shirts, blouses, medical clothing, uniforms, work clothes, swimsuits, etc.), antimicrobial bedding (sheets, bedding, etc.), antimicrobial daily necessities (masks, gloves, hats, handkerchiefs, towels, rags, curtains, carpets, etc.)

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